Our goats love all the brush, weeds and invasive species that you don’t love. Let them clean up your overgrown areas in the most sustainable way possible.


One of the most important role of our goats at our farm is that of landscaper. They are an excellent addition to our more picky sheep and cattle, because they enjoy exactly the weeds that the others (and us!) don’t appreciate. 

A herd of goats can clear up poison ivy covered forest floors, multiflora rose infested woods and overgrown honeysuckle bushes in a matter of days in the most sustainable way possible. They keep roadsides clear, clean up the invasive understory in a forest after logging and know how to deal with yards that went out of control. All of that without the use of fossil fuels, noise and pollution. The only thing they’ll leave behind is their fertilizer on your land.

The cost for these services depends on the amount of goats necessary for the job, the amount of our labor is required and the level of difficulty to fence in the area. Please send us an email here to get more information about prices, our availability and to talk through the options.