Large Grassfed Goat Box


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We put together a box with all our cuts of goat meat to feed you and your family with this nutricious, flavorful and sustainable meat.

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Did you know goat meat is one of the most sustainable (and arguebly most delicious) types of meat out there? Our goats browse on weeds and grasses that other animals don’t eat, have the lightest impact on the environment and clear fields and forests of invasive species.

Stock up on our 100% grassfed, sustainably raised goat while it’s available. These boxes sell out fast!

This full box includes:

  • 1 leg roast
  • 4 packs of 2 goat chops
  • 1 rack
  • 1 pair of shanks
  • 3 packs of ground goat
  • 2 packs of sausage
  • 1 pack of soup bones
  • 1 of our favorite organ meats.

With your order you receive recipes for every cut, to help you decide how to make the most nutricious & delicious meals for your family.

After purchasing, you can pick your box up from our Falls Village farm store at your convenience, or the NYC Columbia Greenmarket where we are twice a month.

As soon as the box is packed and ready to go, we contact you to coordinate a pick up time that is best for you.