Backyard Meat Chickens Course

Raising your own meat can feel daunting, but we will teach you in 3 mornings how to raise nutricious, delicious chicken in your own backyard.

Day 1: 05/1/2021
Day 2: 06/05/2021
Day 3: 07/03/2021


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The Beavertides Farm 2021 Backyard Meat Chickens Course

There is nothing as grounding and comforting as being able to raise your own food and take care of the ones you love.

It can be hard to have access to the best quality, sustainable meat possible. Meat from chicken raised in the way that honors their needs and instincts, and improves the land instead of pollutes it, is something you can feel and taste.

Raising your own meat can feel daunting, but anyone with a good sized backyard can raise chickens for their family.

Dan, who has raised over 40.000 of the most delicious, healthy, humanely raised chicken out there, will teach you in a three-day course from start to finish how to become a backyard chicken farmer.

Dan teaching his backyard meat chickens course

In this course you'll learn:

Day 1:

  • How to build your own lightweight, mobile chicken coop
  • What chickens do best in an outside, rotating, pasture (or lawn!) based system
  • How to brood the young chicks

Day 2:

  • How to transfer and keep the chickens outside on grass
  • What the best ways are to feed and water your chickens
  • How to protect your animals from predators

Day 3:

  • How to harvest your own chicken in the most respectful, quick and clean way.
  • How to eviscerate the chicken, clean and package it
    (You get the chance to harvest and eviscerate your own chicken, or watch and learn if you prefer)

Course participants get to take their own chicken home at the end of the course and cook it for their family!

The course is stretched over 9 weeks time, to give you the chance to go through the whole process with us from start to finish, and still have enough time during the summer to raise a batch of your own chickens.

Course dates are the following:

Day 1: 05/1/2021
Day 2: 06/05/2021
Day 3: 07/03/2021

Every class takes place between 10am and noon at Beavertides Farm.

The full price for this three-day course that you'll complete feeling confident to raise your own chickens is $200, including your own harvested, sustainably pasture raised chicken.

Our classes fill up so quickly, so reserve your spot now!