A Pasture Walk (Thank Goat It’s Friday)

Thank Goat It’s Friday!

Join us on Friday 07/01 for an 1.5 hr farm visit, learn about sheep & goats, livestock guardian dogs, sustainable farming, improving land with animals and the in’s and out’s of our farm.

Price: $15, children under 15 free.

All pasture walks are free to our farm club community!



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Join us for a Friday evening 1.5 hr pasture walk with us at the farm!


During this upcoming walk, we will visit our sheep and goat 'flerd' and see the mama's and little ones graze together!

We talk about how we practice regenerative farming, how we improve land with these animals and how the two species work together.

It is also a great opportunity to ask any questions you might have about our farm, farming with kids, or anything else you might wonder about, and spend some time together.


Goats in the pasture


We have a cap on the number of participants, so sign up soon!

We gather at 6.00pm by the barns on the corner of Undermountain Rd and Cobble Rd.

Please wear clean hiking, muck or rain boots (please sanitize your boots with bleach if you used them on a different livestock farm before), use tick/mosquito spray if you like, and expect to walk on uneven surfaces.


Price: $15, children under 15 free.

All ages welcome.

If funds are not available to cover this, shoot us a message and we send you a code for free tickets, nobody is turned away.

All pasture walks are free to our farm club community!
(If you order our lamb or goat online, your part of our Farm Club!)


We're looking forward to celebrate Friday with you at the farm!