2022 Beavertides Beekeeping Training Course

This is the course all our former students are raving about. And now we’d love to teach you all you need to know to be able to manage a beehive all by yourself!

Join us for a 10 session Beekeeper Training Course, in which we take you from installing a brand new beehive, all the way to harvesting honey and preparing for winter.

Spots are limited and the course sells out every year, so sign up soon!



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Beavertides Farm Beekeeping Training Course

Did you know we met at a beekeeping training course Dan was teaching?

We can't promise you the love of your life during this course, but we can teach you all you need to know to be able to manage a beehive all by yourself.

During this 10 session Beekeeping Training Course, we take you from installing a brand new beehive, all the way to harvesting honey and preparing for winter. Students will be assigned to a hive to start and tend together with a course partner for the entire program. The course is designed to have participants feel comfortable enough to work a beehive by themselves by the end of the course.

Sessions are 2.5 hours long, starting with 45 minutes of classroom time, following with hands on time in our apiary.

The program will be lead by Dan. He has over 17 years of experience as a beekeeper in both Malawi where he lived as a Peace Corps Volunteer, and the US. He has been teaching beekeeping courses for many years at Stone Barns Center for Food and Agriculture, the Brooklyn Grange in NYC and at Beavertides Farm during the past seasons, gives private beekeeping classes and does beekeeping consults.

Dan during the beekeeping training course


The course will take place on the following Saturdays, between 10am and 12.30pm:

05/07: Introduction to Beekeeping & Basics of Working the Hive:
05/14: Record Keeping & Installing Bee Packages
05/21: Bee Life Cycle & Reproduction
06/04: Varroa Integrated Pest Management
06/18: Swarms & Splits
06/25: Make Up Class / Open Hive Check
07/09: Brood Diseases & Nosema
07/23: Honey and Pollen
08/13: Make Up Class / Open Hive Check
08/27: Re-queening & Fall Prep
09/10: Make Up Class / Open Hive Check
09/24: Honey Harvest & Feeding
10/22: Winter Prep

We organize two catch up mornings somewhere during the summer, in which students that missed a class have some extra time to do a hive check with Dan.

We do reserve the right to reschedule to other Saturdays in case of bad weather. The second class is a tentative date, since we depend on the weather and schedule of delivery of the bee packages.

Learn to understand bees at our beekeeping training course


The full price of the 10(+3) session course is $450.

What previous students had to say about this course:

Iris:Count me in for Bees #2!!!! This was one of the best experiences of my entire life! Thank you so much for this fabulous educational opportunity!!!
Jenny: Great Course! Having Dan so available for questions is key!


We recommend you to purchase a veil, beekeeping jacket or suit, whatever fits your comfort level. You'll need a hive tool and smoker, and if desired, beekeeping gloves. We will send you recommendations on gear after you sign up.

Covid & Our Course:

We will update our safety measurements as the circumstances develop.

Due to the outside nature of the course, we are all able to socially distance with ease, and the hives will be placed far enough apart to easily do so.