Beekeeping for Kids


Join us for a Beekeeping for Kids gathering, in which we show you and your little ones all that happens in the hives!





There is something about seeing a child taking a peek in a beehive for the first time. All the activity that happens in a hive, the sweet smell of honey and propolis, a whole new world to get to know; it’s magical for adults, let alone for young ones. 

Our 1.5 hr Beekeeping for Newbees gatherings are fascinating for the whole family. We show you and your little ones all that happens in the hive. We teach you about the work of the bees, about their life cycle and how they produce honey.

We use an closed up observation hive with a glass window so that kids can get really up and close with the bees in a safe way. You also get the opportunity to wear a beekeeping suit, veil and gloves, and join us in looking at a real beehive. 

Finally, we talk more about pollinators and how we can help them thrive and finish the afternoon with a farm made honey snack and a honey drink.  

Appropriate for all ages. 


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