Farm Club

How to become a member of our Farm Club:

By pre-ordering one of these six boxes you become part of our close farm community:

What’s included in Farm Club?

Member Benefits


  • You buy your family’s meat from a farmer you intimately¬†know

  • You are invited to free pasture walks and farm tours

  • It provides you with a recipe e-booklet for every cut in the box

  • You get first dips with new events and products

  • Free NYC delivery on a date announced later in the season
    Local Farm Club meat box pick up day from the farm.



Why we’d love for you to join our farm club:

When I was still living in NYC and dreaming of life on a farm, I spent a lot of time searching for farmers I could connect to. Farmers that would show me in a radically transparent way how my food was grown and raised. Farmers that would be like friends to me, that would speak honest, openly and about every aspect of farm life. Farmers that I could ask all my questions to, that I could visit, see work and learn from.

We want to be those farmers for you.

We want to connect you as closely as possible to your food, your farm and to others that want to eat and learn in similar ways. We want to create a community around these beautiful pastures that can enjoy this generous place as much as we do, both online and in person. And we want to make you feel connected during this time of disconnect and distance, in a safe, outdoors and delicious way.

Still have questions? Ask away!


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