Welcome to Beavertides Farm

 The bees are buzzing, the barn swallows are busy flying around to feed their young, our sheep and goats are slowly roaming through the lush pastures full of wild flowers and native grasses. Come live this beautiful place with us!

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We’d like to share something with you..

Follow along with a growing sustainable farm, homesteading projects, mouthwatering meals, and a family with two sweet farm boys.

Monthly Musings: Fall At The Farm

Monthly Musings: Fall At The Farm

There is no time a year that is more generous, abundant and overwhelming than the fall. The garden explodes (and thus does our kitchen), the sheep and goat get eager to eat all they can before winter (naturally, so do I) and nature slows down and seems to long for a...

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Beeswax Dipped Leaves

Beeswax Dipped Leaves

The kids have clearly taken over the whole range of DIY and crafty activities I’ve been doing these past 5 years. It’s something that every now and then makes me mourn the days before offspring when I would create whatever, whenever I wanted. But mostly, I embrace it...

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Recipe: Goat/Lamb Stew With Quince & Honey

Recipe: Goat/Lamb Stew With Quince & Honey

It’s October, apples and pumpkins are everywhere, but it’s also the time for our favorite autumn treat.. Quince! The old orchard behind the house has some quince trees that have been planted by people long before us. They have been lovingly neglected since, survived...

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Welcome to
Beavertides Farm

We are so happy you’re here.

Here on our farm we sustainably raise sheep, goats, and about a million honey bees. Around the homestead we keep chickens, guineas and geese, milk our sweet family cow for raw milk in our kids breakfast and grow enough vegetables to keep our pots full throughout the year.

Honestly, it’s kind of magical here. Magic works so much better when it’s shared, and we’d love to do that with you. 

Come learn about keeping bees, eat the most sustainable meat you can find, learn about homesteading and spend some time with us. 

Marleen & Dan

Services & Products

BEEKeeping Consults

Beekeeping is our first love here at the farm, and we’d love to share that love for the natural bee world with you. We can help you set up your own bee hives and guide you to take care of them throughout the season. 


Our goats love all the brush, weeds and invasive species that you don’t love. Let them clean up your overgrown areas in the most sustainable way possible. 


Classes & Events

We’d love to have you here on the farm with us! Come enjoy these beautiful pastures, meet the animals or learn a new homesteading skill. 

Beekeeper Training Course 2021

Learn how to manage your own beehive during our 10 session long course in the farm’s apiary with classroom time and hands on hive inspections.  

Beekeeping For Kids 2021

Coming soon! Kids are natural beekeepers, full of curiosity and wonder. This morning long beeclass for newbees is a wonderful introduction for the whole family.

Backyard Meatbirds Course 2021

Raise meatbirds in your own backyard. Learn to manage a brooder, keep chickens on pasture and harvest them humanely. 

Thank Goat It's Friday

 Coming soon! Join us for a Friday evening 1.5 hr pasture walk, learn about regenerative farming and the in’s and out’s of our farm while tasting a bit of what we raise. 

Come Learn, Eat & Enjoy With Us